We know the best results come from bold visuals. Each video shoot will require set up time to highlight the athlete and their surroundings.
Our elite photographers will capture athletes in action during skill sessions.
Our video editors highlights all the action to give both athlete and coach an awesome experience.
Media Coaching
Athletes will be coached on their responses. The interviews are like conversations so have fun and bring lots of energy.

Service Options

Athletic Department
Promotion for the entire Athletic Department
High Schools only
Individual Athlete
On camera interview
Coach interview
Highlights included
Booster Clubs
Customized pricing
Advertising for sponsors
Minimum 10 athletes per sport

Frequently Asking Questions

What if an athlete is camera shy?
No worries. Athletes will be coached up on their responses. Treat the interview like a conversation. It's not live tv so if you make a mistake or didn't like the way your response sounds, we'll repeat the question to get the right delivery.
Are there special pricing for team or full organizations?
Absolutely, we'll even service an entire athletic department. Our goal is to service as many athletes as possible. Contact our Support Staff to discuss options for your team and receive custom pricing.
How long does the interview process takes?
Each interview is different which makes the questions and answers unique to each athlete. Typically an average interview would take 5-10 mins, 5 mins for the photo shoot and 10 mins of a recorded short skills session.
How are the music chosen for the videos.
We carefully select the right stock music for your video. Upbeat, energetic music tends to increase the retention of a viewer so our goal is to bring high energy to each project.
Does Student-Athletes offer assistance for fundraising
We assist athletic programs with creative fundraising by allowing donors to sponsor advertisement placement in their athletes videos at no additional cost.

This allows booster clubs to offer premium pricing to local businesses for sponsorship. This strategy also gives small businesses in local areas the opportunity to promote their small business to a unique audience throughout the school year.

This opportunity gives booster clubs and athletic departments more to offer sponsors more options than just banners and program ads. They will have a unique presence on an athletes' video.