Change the usual
Recruiting with substance
Servicing the overlooked
Change the usual
We combine creativity & storytelling for athletes to enhance their recruiting exposure.

We’re able to offer an unmatched level of production. Our personalized production process is designed to magnify each athlete’s unique attributes and gain college coaches attention.

Recruiting with substance
The interview is a vital step to obtaining the attention of college coaches.

Our interviews are crafted to highlight potential recruits not only as athletes, but also as well-rounded students. We produce storytelling with substance for overlooked athletes.

Servicing the overlooked
Giving coaches, value.

We establish trust with coaches to allow athletes to explain his or her abilities to highlight their intellect as student-athletes. Our goal is to inspire coaches and athletes with hopes to take action by responding to a call of action by learning more about an athlete’s personality and character beyond any ordinary highlight reel.

Coaches look for that high quality athlete. Student-Athletes makes it easier for them to see past the clutter during the recruiting process.
Coach Kyle Adkins - Campbell High School, GA
Coaches can do everything they can, but we can't do it all. helps coaches parents, help their kids as well.
Former NFL Quarterback Quinn Gray - CBS46 News
Recruitment was going slow. I reached out to Student-Athletes and now all 5 students have now signed letters of intent to play football at the D1, D2 and D3 level.
Coach S. Williams - Hapeville Career Charter Academy, GA.

Careers Jobs


Video Editor

Student-Athletes is looking for a creative Video Editor to join our team as we create and develop compelling videos to connect with our audience to enhance their athletic recruiting. Editors will integrate visual content and audio materials to create compelling stories for Student-Athletes.



Student-Athletes is the looking for a creative Videographer to join our team to produce visual content to be sent to our team of editors. Videographers will work directly with the athletes capturing and monitoring audio and video during the interviews.


Digital Producer

Student-Athletes is the looking for an innovative Digital Producer to join our team. Their role is to grow our audience, inform and entertain them every day. They should keep up with the ever-changing nature of social media and always be ready to come up with a new idea or try out the latest tools.