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Recruiting Interviews

We give coaches a more personal insight of an athlete beyond their sport.

& Editing

We conduct on-camera interviews to feature athletes in depth along with their highlights.

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We'll create content to distribute throughout which will increase your chances of getting noticed.

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We’re advancing the recruitment of student-athletes by developing well produced informative highlight videos.

We’ve serviced thousands of athletes across 13 sports, assisting student-athletes with college scholarships opportunities. Our producers and photographers are some of the best storytellers earning multiple Emmy Awards producing elite visual content for over 20 years.

Featured projects

Coaches can do everything they can, but we can't do it all. helps coaches parents, help their kids as well.
Former NFL Quarterback Quinn Gray - CBS46 News
Coaches look for that high quality athlete. Student-Athletes makes it easier for them to see past the clutter during the recruiting process.
Coach Kyle Adkins - Campbell High School, GA
Recruitment was going slow. I reached out to Student-Athletes and now all 5 students have now signed letters of intent to play football at the D1, D2 and D3 level.
Coach S. Williams - Hapeville Career Charter Academy, GA.